Product Questions

Questions related to the use of our products.

Just add 1 cup of Mayo and 1 cup of Sour Cream to your favourite package of Deb’s
Gourmet Seasoning Mix. Stir together and serve.

Absolutely! You can use any combination of light Mayo, Light Sour Cream, Light Cream Cheese, or Greek Yogurt.

Check the back of the packaging for the best before date.

It will last until the best before the date on whatever you are using to prepare the dip. I
recommend you check the date before purchasing your ingredients. the average is
usually 3 to 4 weeks.

We have discontinued both Country Cajun and Tex Mex flavours. But we have added Jamaican Jerk for the people who want a little heat.

Yes, click here for serving suggestions and recipes. Also, check the back of the packages for Gourmet Recipe ideas.

Yes, however, we do recommend that you check the ingredients list for any food

YES! Even the ones with Bacon (Soy)
Jamaican Jerk
Smokin’ Chipotle & Lime
Roasted Garlic Lovers
Sweet Onion & Bacon
Tomato & Basil
Dill Delight
Garden Fresh
Lemon Peppercorn
Roasted Red Pepper

Check the list in the question above for the list of dairy-free dips. You can mix any of these
flavours with any non-dairy sour cream or mayo. You can also mix them with 2 cups of
any pureed beans. I like to make my own hummus using chickpeas and a little olive oil.

Website Questions

Questions related to our website.

Click on the on the login button on the right-hand side of the menu. Login then click on “Addresses”. On this screen, you can edit your Shipping or Billing address.

Click on the on the right-hand side of the menu. Login then click on “Orders”, it will show all your orders and their current status.

You can log back in during the checkout process or by clicking on the on the right-hand side of the menu. On this screen, you will be able to login.

You will be prompted to create an account during the checkout process.
If you would prefer to create an account before going through the checkout then you can click the icon on the top right of the page to be taken to the Login/Register page. You can also use this icon to log back into the site when you return.

Absolutely! Just select Credit Card (Stripe) for the payment method then click the Continue to Payment Button. On the next screen click on the Pay Now button and you will get a popup box asking for your Credit Card info.

You can also still use PayPal if you prefer.